Having spent over 25 years working on entrepreneurial endeavors and working (and studying) business development, I have seen, heard, and experienced a lot of things that don’t work and learned what does work.

My passion, as it turns out, is helping others succeed.  I don’t like to sugar coat information because it doesn’t seem sincere.  If there is hard information to deal with, I want to have that honest conversation and move towards the solution.

This site is designed to share links, examples, and experiences that might help those trying to do it all on their own – as well as those people who recognize they need some outside help.  Sometimes it is as easy as a short conversation, other times it can be a longer and concerted effort to get things on the right course.

If you have suggestions for content I could post to help people, let me know.

brenttward “at” rubyred “dot” biz

Managing Partner

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