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#1 Source for New/New Business – The Lead Generation Wormhole

So you are looking for a way to break the laws of business development physics and defy the time proven challenges of getting new business from a NEW client while also offering NEW services/products?  You want the thrill of making the diagonal leap! Question: How do you decrease the risk and increase the odds of …

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Who Are YOU Pointing At?

  If there was a crowd of people and in that crowd there were some potential clients, how would go about identifying the prospects, and more importantly how would they know you were pointing at them? Question: You know your prospective future clients are in the crowd, how do you point them out so that …

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Step 0. Where are you right now?

“Take a deep breath, look around, tell me what you see…” As you may have guessed, and it’s no surprise, most of the questions refer to your Existing/Existing business and customers/clients.  There is typically a wealth of ideas, innovations, opportunities, additional business, networking opportunities, and other resources already available to you if you can take …

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Step -1. Where is it You Want to Go?

“Hold your horses!”, “Putting the cart before the horse.”, “The horses are out of the gate.”, “Like a horse to the barn.”, “And they’re off…” I am sure most everyone is familiar with most of these sayings.  They all give me the visual impression of strength, speed, and lack of forethought.  Certainly there must be …

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