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Step 0. Where are you right now?

“Take a deep breath, look around, tell me what you see…” As you may have guessed, and it’s no surprise, most of the questions refer to your Existing/Existing business and customers/clients.  There is typically a wealth of ideas, innovations, opportunities, additional business, networking opportunities, and other resources already available to you if you can take …

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Step -1. Where is it You Want to Go?

“Hold your horses!”, “Putting the cart before the horse.”, “The horses are out of the gate.”, “Like a horse to the barn.”, “And they’re off…” I am sure most everyone is familiar with most of these sayings.  They all give me the visual impression of strength, speed, and lack of forethought.  Certainly there must be …

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#1 Business Challenge – Attracting [Qualified] New Customers

I recently read a post on Constant Contact that a survey identified “Attracting New Customers” as the number one small business challenge.  I have also recently discussed with a number of small businesses their relatively poor experiences attracting quality new business through schemes like Groupon (and other extreme couponing vendors).  Add to that, that a …

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