What We Do

Primarily we work with clients on contact lists:

• Gathering, assessing and cleaning up contact lists (databases, excel spreadsheets, rolodexes, etc.)
• Identifying, sourcing, and validating new contacts (aka leads)
• Outbound communications to contacts with resulting analyses (email, postcards, letters, faxes, etc.)

We can also help with the following if needed:
• Assessing ideal client characteristics
• Targeting clients for market positioning growth
• Website development and deployment (WordPress)
• List management
• List augmentation, tracking, resurrection
• Contact/lead geo-mapping and analysis
• Telemarketing/telesales outbound calling
• Guerilla marketing

In your business, do you only get paid if you perform?  If so, we are talking the same language.

We work with clients in a consultative manner and strive to think outside the box to find higher quality solutions and greater efficiencies.

We start with these assumptions:

1. You know your business (and your clients’ business) better than anyone else
2. You have developed assets and resources that don’t have to be re-created
3. We can start with what you have and move forward, we don’t have to overhaul anything
4. We can work incrementally to add business
5. Our rewards are ultimately tied to your success – we have to work together to make things happen!


Atlas (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

We have found that a few people (organizations) know exactly what they want and aren’t interested in reviewing their objectives in relation to their request for data, analysis, or prospect/client/referral outreach – we are happy to help them as well.  However, we have found over time, that there are many approaches that our clients may not be aware of that can save them money, reduce their overall effort, and produce superior results.  Typically this takes a little more discussion and planning on the front end, understanding their internal decision making criteria and taking a well considered first step.  On the three axes of quality, cost, and speed, we favor high quality, fair price, and as fast as reasonably possible.

We provide our clients with a number of services and deliverables:

  • Facilitated discussions with teams to develop implementable action plans to exceed objectives
  • Discussions with existing customers to identify areas of opportunity, whether they be “low hanging fruit” or “high value, high reward”
  • Evaluation of existing client portfolios to identify those clients that are most aligned with the vision of the organizations and desired growth
  • Development, planning, and/or implementation of referral programs to help grow your client portfolio from your existing “advocates”
  • Assembling success stories from your “best” customers to help share their reasons for choosing you on existing and future projects – testimonials
  • Referrals to experts who can create documents, videos, and audio assets to be used on the website, social media, emails, etc. to help educate prospective customers
  • Researching and summarizing business and market intelligence for your industry, client needs in your industry, and potential high value prospective clients
  • Assembling lead lists organically or from reputable industry list managers to help outreach to new prospective customers with effective and engaging messages
  • Referrals to experts who can assist in developing/training staff in improving their interactions with existing and prospective customers/clients
  • Tradeshow, in-store, and guerilla marketing assistance – planning, execution, and followup to help you get more bang out of the bucks you may already have committed.
  • Referrals to experts who can developing tracking, followup, follow through systems and processes for outbound and inbound marketing, sales, and business development

Our favorite work is when we get the opportunity to help an organization envision (or re-envision) it’s business, it’s offerings, and its growth strategy to increase the clarity, alignment, and efficiency/effectiveness of all of the team’s efforts in everything they do.  As the name suggests “RubyRed”, many times the answers are far closer to us and far simpler than we make them out to be.  Unlike Glenda the Good Witch, we don’t have a magic wand to make the path any less work, but we can probably put your mind at ease that there is a path that can be put in front of you to get you to where you want to go!

RubyRed, LLC

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