Who Are YOU Pointing At?


If there was a crowd of people and in that crowd there were some potential clients, how would go about identifying the prospects, and more importantly how would they know you were pointing at them?


You know your prospective future clients are in the crowd, how do you point them out so that you can focus your limited resources on building the relationship needed to start working with/for them?


A combination of good old fashion asking people (out of most people’s comfort zone), broadcasting your information to the crowd so that those listening and identify themselves to you, and also asking others to help point out potential customers to you.


There are three primary approaches to getting people to start the dialogue with you and I will put them in three broad categories:

1. Cold Call – This can be as simple as reaching out your hand at a Chamber event, dinner parties, or other places where you are meeting new faces.  An element of this is necessary in your efforts since you are the one most focused on building your business and it is the most valuable asset that you are creating.

2. Warm Call – Whether through a reference in an article, a response to outbound letter/postcard/fax/email, a mutual introduction or any other way that someone is in front of you with some knowledge and interest in what you do, you want to capitalize on.

3. Hot Lead – Usually these come from existing (happy customers), partners, friends, and sometimes desperate people.  Having a Hot lead is almost always better than any other lead.  Being responsive to these folks is very important since they may be needing to make a decision quickly and the window of opportunity may be perishable.  Note: Make sure to thank the source of the lead profusely.

What You Can Do:

Most importantly, have a quick and easy to understand description of what you do, how you do it, what the value and the cost is for getting you to do work for them.  This helps you in the Cold, Warm, and Hot scenarios.  Ideally, if you are able to communicate what you do succinctly and accurately, you empower your referral sources to help spread the message which can only help to make them successful in helping their network contacts get in touch with you when they come across the need.

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